Hughes Cluden Newry Angus, Tasmania

Cluden Newry is a family run Angus seedstock business located at 'Jessiefield' in Tasmania's central north, approximately 25km south of Launceston.

Cluden Newry Angus was established in 1956 by Richard Hughes, with an annual on property bull sale being held since 1974. In the 1980s, Peter and Jennifer Hughes took over the stud from Richard, and in 2016, Jock Hughes commenced management of the seedstock business.

Inspections of our herd and farm are welcome at any time, please contact Jock for more information.

Our Herd

The herd consists of approximately 300 females which are run with a strong focus on the traits which affect the profitability of a commercial cattle breeder; fertility, longevity and productivity.

This is achieved through a combination of reproductive pressure on females, internal and external independent structural assessment, and the use of BREEDPLAN to evaluate performance recording.


Genetics are sourced from the US, NZ and Australia through the use of fixed time artificial insemination (FTAI). Approximately 350 females are inseminated annually and followed up with both externally sourced bulls and home-bred sires.


All heifers at Cluden Newry must calve down unassisted as two-year-olds. Cows must continue to annually rear a calf within a tight calving period. By placing this pressure on calving intervals, this ensures that fertility is not compromised through increased growth and carcase performance.


All bulls sold and all two-year old heifers which calve down are structurally assessed by Dick Whale of Independent Marketing and Breeding services, and all cows are classed annually. The additional use of external selection pressure ensures only sound functional females remain within the breeding herd, and provides clients with an increased level of confidence when purchasing bulls.

All bulls are fertility tested, veterinary checked, fully vaccinated and tested BVDV free. All bulls sold are guaranteed for infertility or structural breakdown.